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5 Tips For Fat Blokes



By Dr Ian W Campbell

Get up 10 minutes early
Many men say they don't have time for breakfast, or they don't feel like eating in the morning. No breakfast means your body shuts down your metabolism, fearing it's about to be starved to death, energy is saved and stored as fat. Additionally by starting off the day without eating you will feel hungry mid-morning and reach for the nearest snack, which is unlikely to be an apple! Solution? Get up just 10 minutes early, make time for some toast, or even better a small bowl of muesli and some fruit

Choose a lunchtime sandwich that's low in fat, high in fibre.
For most of us this means cut the mayo, and include the salad. There's 500 kcal in a typical chicken sandwich with mayo. Chose a healthier option, add the salad, cut the calories to 275 and get one portion of veg for your trouble. Choose wholegrain bread too. It tastes better and improves your bowel movements. Everyone will be impressed!

Less cream, more tomato
When making your favourite curry try and cut out or at least reduce the cream and oil used. Use tomatoes, chopped to fill out the sauce. Loads of them! In one sweep you have reduced saturated fat and calories. Try to make your portions a little smaller too. You will have added at least one portion of veg per serving, and reduced your own risk of heart disease.

Fill up your car with petrol after you've eaten.
Why do we leave it till we're on the way home to fill up with petrol? You know the time, after a hard day at work when we're thirsty, and hungry and can't wait ill we're home to eat. Result? 50 litres of unleaded, 330ml of cola and 285 kcal of chocolate bar. More energy, and expense than you really needed, and all avoidable if you make sure you're not hungry and liable to give in to temptation when you're there. Spontaneous purchases are what the retailers are trying to make you do. Take control!

Turn up late at the pub
Alcohol is a really common cause of men carrying excess weight. Peer pressure to drink every round can be costly. To your health! Arrive 20 minutes later than your mates, make sure you buy the next round and yourself a pint of your favourite. Next round, your mate's, you can politely ask for a half, to top up your pint glass and not sound like a tight-arse by buying a half on your own round. Just one pint of beer less per day, seven days per week can account for more than 1000 kcal in a week, or 1kg of fat every two months. Drop your weight, and your belly. Might even make you more attractive to the women you were trying to chat up while you're there.


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