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Calorie Counting for Weight Loss

By Anna Edwards BSc (Hons) ANutr

Why is calorie counting a successful approach?

Depending on what your ideal weight is and what you currently weigh, this will determine your approach to calorie counting. If you are of normal weight and want to maintain this, then calorie counting is a beneficial approach to prevent you gaining weight. If you are overweight or obese and would like to lose weight, calorie counting is essential as you need to balance your energy in (food) against your energy out (activity level)...

Many of us have given the latest celebrity diets a go, buying the new books and the foods which they suggest we should be eating, but for how long do we carry it on before giving up? In my case and I'm sure I'm not alone, but not long after they have started! These diets are often too restrictive in what they allow us to eat and how much; it feels as though dieting is punishment! It need not be with traditional calorie counting. The majority of those restrictive diets you have tried have suggested you eat a certain diet basically so that you are consuming a lower calorie diet. Counting the calories yourself however, means you can still have many of the foods you like so long as the calories add up to the correct amount at the end of the day.

How does calorie counting work?

Your body needs calories to survive; these calories give your body energy. The average female requires approximatley 2000 calories per day, whilst a male requires 2500, depending on your physical activity level and age this could be more or less, Nutracheck has the facilities to work this out for you.

This average requirement, set out by health professionals is what your body requires to maintain your weight (if you are of normal healthy weight), if you exceed this calorie count your body stores the excess energy as fat, meaning you will gain weight. If your calorie intake is reduced usually by approximately 500 calories, by a combination of exercise and diet, you will start to lose weight.

Calorie counting your food and drink consumption per day to reduce or keep it the same, it will allow you to maintain or lose weight. Calorie counting can also include calorie expenditure, that is, the amount of calories you use up per day by exercising. The more exercise you do the more calories you are burning and therefore your weight loss will be even more effective.

How do I find out what my daily calorie count should be?

By signing up for a free diet profile on the Nutracheck website and entering your age, gender, height, weight, activity levels and a 'goal weight', the programme will set your own personal daily calorie count target. You will also be given a 'Goal Weight' date. Providing you stick to your daily calorie targets and also increase your activity level to try and burn the additional calories shown, this is the date you will achieve your goal.

By using the Nutracheck calorie counter and food diary, calorie counting couldn't be easier, you can check what is in the food you regularly eat, swap items for healthy alternatives and at the same time ensuring you are keeping within your personal calorie targets.

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