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UK Food Diary Database for FitBit

Firstly, congratulations on achieving your goal!

It's a great feeling isn't it! You have reached your weight loss goal and can start enjoying all those little things that kept you motivated on your journey. Now you're onto the next stage, learning to keep the weight off. At Nutracheck, we are here to guide you through your final key milestone: maintenance.

Don't feel left in the lurch

Did you achieve your goal by counting points, following a meal plan, or sticking to a low calorie diet? While these may be effective ways to lose weight, unless they've helped you really understand where you were going wrong in the first place to gain the weight, they'll be of limited use to teach you how to maintain.

At Nutracheck, we are just as committed to weight maintenance as weight loss. We're here to support and educate you about how to keep the weight off for good, when you're living in the 'real' world with 'real food'.

Maintain your weight with us
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Studies show that the best way to manage your weight is to simply track what you eat. How much food you can eat to maintain your weight varies by person and depends on many factors such as lifestyle and activity level. Increasing your calorie intake overnight can feel daunting so we'll help you gradually adjust in steps. We'll help you find the right calorie level to stay at your goal and give you the essential tracking tools you need - our Nutracheck App and website.

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Questions, concerns? Our team will support you at every step

UK Food Diary Database for FitBit

It's fine to feel nervous or have questions when your calorie target is changing. Our nutrition experts and dedicated customer care team are here to help when you need answers.

What are you waiting for? Download the Nutracheck App or sign up for the free trial on the website and see how you get on.

Maintain your weight with us