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Nutracheck App for mobile and tablet

Whether your goal is to lose weight, improve your diet or eat for fitness, Nutracheck is your must-have food tracker.

Use our barcode scanning App on your phone or tablet. Or keep a food diary online via the website - whichever suits you best.

We track calories and 6 key nutrients - carbs, sugar, protein, fat, saturated fat and salt. Focus on the nutrients most important to you or track everything. Nutracheck links with Fitbit, as well as 100s of other fitness tracking apps and devices via the Apple Health App.

"Of all the calorie counter Apps, this is one of the very best."

Instantly updates all your devices

Your data syncs across all your devices so your food diary is always up to date the moment you open the App or sign in to the website. The App can be used completely independently – however the website offers many extra features to help you.

NEW Apple Watch App

Apple Watch owners – we've now got a Nutracheck Apple Watch App for you. Use Fast Track to add foods you eat regularly direct from your wrist. View your diary totals and choose from a range of Watch complications.

Automatic exercise tracking

Our latest App automatically tracks your activity so it's already in your diary when you open the App.

Track your steps using iPhone's built-in 'Motion & Fitness' tracker (requires iPhone 5S or later). Sync activity and workout data from your Apple Watch with Nutracheck.

Plus sync activity from 100s of fitness tracking Apps and devices via the Apple Health App.

Connects to your Fitbit.

Link your Fitbit to Nutracheck through our App or website and we'll pull activity data into your Nutracheck exercise diary and send your daily calorie totals to your Fitbit dashboard.

Easier Days

Enjoy extra calories at the weekend or for special occasions. This handy feature gives you more flexibility on days when you need it by adjusting your allowance over the week.

Nutrient overview

It can be easy to exceed your target for a nutrient on a day-to-day basis. Our new 1 week and 4 week charts give you a better overview of your diet.

Set your own targets

Our Well Balanced goal is the one we recommend for most people. However, if you have specific dietary requirements, 'Set My Own' gives more flexibility.

3D touch

Long press the App icon on your iPhone for instant App access – add food or water with just a couple of taps. (Available on iPhone 6s and later models).

Nutracheck Blog

Don't miss recipes, tips and more in the Nutracheck blog from Nutracheck's Nutritionist Emma. Under 'More'.

Progress tracking

Track more than just your weight. Manage your data: set new goals, delete old data, add historically. Toggle for quick weight conversion.

Easy to follow forums

NEW and UPDATED flags show at a glance what you've read. Pin posts of interest. Filter forums by new, updated, pinned posts and your own posts. Side swipe to view different boards. Upload your photos to posts. Add fun emojis from your phone. Predictive text for easier posting.