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Calories in Easter Eggs

With Nutracheck, the great news is no foods are banned! But forewarned is forearmed! Know the calorie count of your treat and build it into your daily allowance.

Chocolate Eggs Ave. Size Per 1/2 Egg Whole Egg Time to walk off*
Calories Fat Calories Fat
Average child's egg 103g 273 16g 545 32g 2 hr 35 mins
Average adult's egg 260g 689 38.5g 1,378 77g 6 hr 30 mins
Average giant egg 295g 782 44.3g 1,564 88.5g 7 hr 25 mins

* Based on a whole egg and walking at a moderate pace (3mph) on the flat.

Mini Egg Comparison Per Egg Per 100g Bag Approx No. of
eggs in bag
Calories Fat Calories Fat
Cadbury's Mini Eggs † 15 0.7g 490 21g 32
Cadbury's Creme Mini Eggs 50 1.9g 435 16.5g 9
Cadbury's Caramel Mini Eggs 55 2.9g 490 26g 9
Milky Bar Mini Egg 15 0.6g 503 22g 30
Smarties Mini Eggs 14 0.6g 496 20.4g 30
Galaxy Mini Eggs 59 3g 488 25.1g 13

† Lowest fat & calorie mini egg: Cadbury's Mini Eggs at 0.7g fat & 15 cals each.

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