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Shifting 'Bingo Wings'

'Bingo wings' are the nick name for flabby underarms, and are a notoriously difficult area to tone up. So we've come up with some fail-safe exercises to work those wings and get rid of them!

Target those triceps

The best way to tone this area is to combine exercises that target both the triceps (back of arm) and biceps (front of arm) because to effectively improve the appearance of the upper arm you have to target all the parts of it. Also, the quality of the movement is vital because if individuals cheat no real difference is achieved.

Some good reps are:

  • Press ups (knees or full) - 10-12 reps
  • Dumbbell (can of beans!!) tricep kickbacks - 12 reps each arm
  • Dumbbell (can of beans!!) biceps curls - 12 reps each arm

Aim to do the above with strict form (get your technique checked by a fitness professional if possible!) and in a circuit with no rest between the exercises till you have completed all three! Then take a maximum of 2 minutes rest and then go through the circuit again. Look to build up to doing the circuit 3-4 times.

Tone up without bulking up

Many women are worried that if they do weights to tone up their upper arms, they'll gain muscle and end up with hefty masculine shoulders. So they make the mistake of sticking to weights that aren't demanding enough and subsequently find they struggle to achieve that slim, toned look.

So, with whatever weight you use, (dumbells, bean cans, tubing etc), if you can get to 12 reps and keep going then the weight is too light or your technique is allowing you to cheat! The best rule to work to is to try and reach 'failure' of the muscle before 15 reps, using the right weight and good technique. Achieving a burning feeling in the desired muscle group is the ultimate aim and means you are going to optimse your results.

Once you have the right weights do these exercises back-to-back with no/minimal rest in a circuit style. This adds an intense aerobic demand to your weight training and helps to burn off body fat allowing the developing tone to be visible. If you keep reps high as well as your heart rate you will achieve a leaner, healthier look all over, as well as toned upper arms!

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