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How Are Protein Supplements Useful?

Immediately after finishing a work-out the body enters what is called a 'catabolic' state. This is where the body begins to internally break down the proteins that make up muscle tissue to aid repair and recovery. This process can lead to lean muscle tissue loss and subsequent declines in training improvements, which is why post-training nutrition is so important and has received so much attention.By taking in a good protein source - ideally a whey-based mixture - the body doesn't break down its existing muscle tissue and instead uses the source you have supplied.

How does this impact fat loss?

The key thing to remember is that lean muscle tissue is energy-consuming tissue. In other words, you burn more calories on a daily basis by having more lean muscle tissue on your skeleton. In the long-term the protein support will enhance your muscle repair and recovery, subsequently allowing better tone, growth and long-term weight control.

The only way that the supplement could 'slow' your fat loss is if you don't consider the additional calories the supplement with semi-skimmed milk provides. Make sure you account for these calories on the days you consume them and mark them down in your food diary. Also, because protein does aid muscle growth be prepared to see possible inconsistent 'weight loss' as you lose body fat and increase muscle tissue (which weighs more). Focus on how you look, how clothes feel and be prepared to take 'muscle tissue gain' into account on the scales.

Do you need protein supplements?

People often use protein supplements when they are already getting adequate protein sources from their good nutrition. Remember that the body doesn't store spare protein - which is amino acids in their simple form.

So, unless you are training very hard or feel you are not achieving the required amounts of protein from your diet you may not actually need the additional supplement. If protein is consumed in excess then it is 'wee-ed' out and can lead to dehydration and ammonia poisoning. Look out for strong smelling wee and headaches because these could be signals of excess protein intake.

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