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Rewarding Your Weight Loss

Giving yourself a reward for weight loss will help motivate you towards your weight loss goal. Many studies have shown that participants who are given a reward for losing weight do tend to stick with their weight loss eating plan for a longer period of time.

Making your reward something other than food is also very important. For the oblivious reason, it will prevent you from binging on treats and help you stick to your daily eating plan. It will also help you gain a better relationship with food. To recognise food as a means of nutrients as opposed to a coping or reward strategy is crucial to losing weight.

Why not to use food as a reward for weight loss?

Rewarding with food compromises your ability to seek out other coping mechanisms. Using food as a reward teaches people that emotions can be handled with food and often times it is unhealthy foods. For example, "When I am upset, eating chocolate makes me feel so much better" versus, "When I am upset, I need to sit down and talk with my partner, a relative or a friend."

More often than not, food rewards are confectionary or fast food. Many of us have grown up hearing our parents say, "If you're good, I'll get you a treat." And often the treat is usually a bar of chocolate, packet of crisps or sweets. We have been taught as kids to look to junk food as the more desirable food. As an adult, we need to refocus out reward system away from food, in particular junk food.

Reward Ideas

As you look to change your reward system, below are some alternatives to food as a reward:

Take a hot bath with some scented bath oils, candles and a copy of your favourite magazine

Take a friend and have a day out. Get a train to another city for day of shopping, or just have a trip to the pictures

Go to your favorite coffee shop for a skinny latte and take some time to catch up on some leisure reading

Take advantage of the great outdoors! Take a walk in the country and breath in the lovely fresh air, or if you're the outdoor type, go camping for the weekend!

Pick up the phone and get together with someone you haven't seen in months. This will guarantee that you'll receive compliments at how great you look!

Rent or purchase a favourite CD or DVD

Visit a local museum, art gallery, or place of cultural interest

Sign up for an activity you've always wanted to try such as martial arts, or join an art, music, or dance class

Treat yourself to a manicure or a change of hair style

If you're a member of a gym with a pool and spa, make full of the facilities. Soothe your muscles with 15 relaxing minutes in the steam room or go all out and have full body massage.

Here's an ongoing reward - for every pound you lose, drop a pound (or even a fiver!) into a jar, and watch the money build up. Entertain yourself with plans on how you'll spend it when you reach your goal weight

If you have had a lot of weight to lose and reached your goal weight, treat yourself to a 'make over'. Book time at a department store beauty counter and ask for new make up tips (many concessions offer this free).

Many big stores have Personal Shoppers - why not make use of their expert advice in choosing a brand new wardrobe for your slimmer self

For the ultimate, book a day at a Health Spa. Feel pampered and fabulous and feel great about your wonderful, slim body!

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