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About NutraTech

Established in 2004, NutraTech Ltd specialises in providing online and mobile weight management services under its own weight loss brand 'Nutracheck'.

The Nutracheck service ( was developed in consultation with leading weight management expert Dr Ian Campbell. It is based on the simple and effective food diary system, an approach that offers a safe, sensible and long-term solution for weight loss.

NutraTech is independent of food manufacturers and retailers, and seeks to provide an impartial source of nutritional information in an easy-to-use, consistent format. All information is based on Government reports and guidelines and uses food-industry recognised sources.

Our Ethos

The philosophy of the online food diary service is 'knowledge is power'!

Our goal is to help people take control of what they eat through more informed food choices. The food diary system is about making small step changes that are sustainable. To achieve long-term dietary improvement, an individual must learn how to adjust their diet in a way they can live with - without resorting to drastic measures such as meal replacements or excluding food groups.

We believe that a healthy diet is all about balance and moderation.

The most effective way to lose weight is through a calorie-controlled diet combined with increased physical activity. Maintaining a healthy weight is only achieved by gaining a real understanding of your body's energy requirements and the fine balance between calories in (food) and calories out (exercise).

Weight Loss Approach

Our Nutracheck service is based on the tried and tested food diary approach used by many doctors and dietitians. There is no diet plan to follow, a user starts by recording everything they eat and drink in their personal food diary, staying within the calorie and exercise target set.

For many people, a 'diet' is viewed as something they do for a time to lose weight before going back to eating 'normally' again. However 'normally' often still involves many of the bad habits that caused the weight gain in the first place, so they end up regaining the weight lost - and more besides! It is the classic yo-yo dieting cycle.

The food diary system doesn't expect an individual to take drastic dietary measures overnight, it is about making small sustainable changes over time. The food diary helps them to start modifying what they currently eat, swapping calorific foods for lower calorie, healthier options.

For someone to stick to an eating plan for longer than a few weeks, it has to be down to them to decide and control what eat. We believe that knowledge is power. Nutracheck provides the information you need to eat smarter and make healthier food choices. It's about re-educating eating habits for the long term - essentially a lifestyle change.

Our Team

Tim Vryenhoef

Managing Director

My role is to lead strategic planning for the business, oversee our operations and business growth to ensure user engagement and the app's success.

Rachel Hartley

Marketing & Communications Director

My role is to keep the customer front and centre of all we do - listen to feedback, deliver what members want, and oversee the support we provide to help people achieve their goals.

Paul Cookson

Technical Director

I oversee our technology strategy, product development, and technical teams, ensuring innovation, scalability, and the app's overall technical excellence.

Ben Pratt

Senior iOS Developer

I develop and optimise features for Nutracheck's iOS app, ensuring a seamless user experience, enhancing responsiveness and reliability, and upholding the highest coding standards.

Samantha Shaw

Customer Care Manager
Social Media Manager

Our customers are our top priority. I oversee our Customer Care Team – our mission is to provide the best service to our members, always helpful, prompt and personal, 7 days a week.

Daisy Ford

Customer Care Advisor
Brand Ambassador Coordinator

I work closely with our brand ambassadors, building relationships to amplify brand awareness, credibility and reach. I also support our members on their journey with Nutracheck.

Ele Bennett

Data Manager

I manage our UK Data Team, who collate and verify our food database. Our job is to ensure its accuracy, user-friendliness and comprehensive coverage.

Sophie Edgington

International Data Quality Manager

I manage our US food database, overseeing data acquisition and quality improvements for our customers using Nutracheck in the US.

Emma White

Senior Nutritionist

I provide dietary and exercise guidance to members, as well as creating educational and engaging nutrition content to support members on their wellness journey.

Eoin Duffill

Senior Backend Software Developer

I develop and maintain the software, databases and other key backend infrastructure critical to the function of the business.

Harriet Nichols

Customer Care Advisor

I assist members with their goals and address service issues through phone and email.

Jack Yaxley

Quality Assurance Manager

I uphold Nutracheck's app quality standards, translate user feedback into enhancements, and plan upcoming releases.

Jenny Gilbert

US Data Assistant

I maintain accurate and high-quality US product data and images for an optimal user experience.

Joel McLean

Android Developer

Creating a simple user experience of our app is my priority. I love being part of the creative process and seeing the benefits members get from using our service.

John White

Digital Marketing Manager

I manage content development across our digital channels. My role focuses on encouraging engagement, boosting customer retention and driving acquisition initiatives.

Kaylie Tsui

Data Assistant

I manage nutritional data, ensuring product descriptions and details are accurate.

Leticia Iturbe

Data Assistant

I enhance and uphold our US product data quality, ensuring member trust in our app.

Luke Kartsolis

iOS Developer

As an iOS developer, I blend technology and artistry to enhance user experience.

Matthew Phipps

Digital Marketing Executive

My role is to create engaging email and social content that resonates with users and supports their goals, to ultimately increase retention and help acquisition.

Patrycja Weselak

Customer Care Advisor

I assist with data and app queries, offering quick solutions and support to guide members on their journey.

Catriona Mclean

Data Assistant

I verify customer-added products and update nutritional info for restaurants & cafes, ensuring data is current.

Samuel Kinnett

Senior Backend Software Developer

I focus on system stability and performance, to ensure our members can have completely confidence in the reliability and speed of our services, which ultimately feeds into customer satisfaction.

Sidney Lale

Customer Care Advisor

I nurture user relationships by addressing concerns and exceeding their support expectations.

Sina Naseri

Junior Software Engineer

I design tech solutions to enhance health, using code to improve how people live and thrive.

Beth Furness

Assistant Nutritionist

I offer personalised nutritional guidance to support our members on their wellness journey, whilst also generating accurate nutrition and health content for the valuable resources we produce here at Nutracheck.


Dr Ian Campbell MBE

Ian is one of the UK's most respected experts in obesity and weight loss and Nutracheck's medical advisor. In consultation with Ian, we ensure the approach we use is in line with current research.

Dr Janet Aylott

Janet is a doctor in nutrition science and was previously a company nutritionist for Nestle UK.

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