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The Beginner's Guide to Running


For many people, running sounds an unsociable and boring pastime that is best avoided at all costs. However, those in the growing running community out there know otherwise.

Running can be a sociable past-time and a great way to get to know people through fun runs, forums and running clubs. Also, if you run along the same pavement for 4 days a week of course it can be boring, but with the latest mapping tools and route suggestions available there's no excuse not to expand your horizons and explore new places at the same time as getting fit. Once a runner, weight management is much more achievable and you will find that the extra calories burnt will allow you much more freedom in choosing your diet. So, our top 6 rules on how to become a runner are:

Buy some proper running shoes

Running is a relatively inexpensive sport - you don't need all the latest clothing - just anything comfortable will do to start and for women, of course, a suitable exercise bra. But, you do need to buy some proper running shoes or you are likely to become injured. Go to a specialist running shop where they will analyse your gait and make recommendations.

Set a goal

A good target is to be able to run approximately 3 miles continuously, at which point a whole new world of running will open up - you never know, your next goal may be to run a marathon! For many beginners to running, to run continuously for over 3 miles seems to be an impossible goal but it is surprisingly achievable to most people over a relatively short time. It's also a good idea to find a local fun run where there will be runners of all standards and complete this after a suitable training period.

Follow a training schedule

Some people start by setting off and running for as long as they can before they almost collapse and very soon become exhausted and demoralised. By far the better option is to follow a training plan especially geared to beginners. The Good Run Guide training schedule starts with alternatating short bursts of jogging with walking and builds up over a 12 week period. This schedule recommends training for 4 days a week but for it is possible to do less if your time constraints make this impossible Remember, running doesn't have to be done at any particular time and you don't have to add travelling time if you don't want to. Some days you will find it easier to run straight from your door and other days you may want to travel somewhere to explore a new route.

View Training Plan: www.goodrunguide.co.uk/TrainingPlans/Beginners5K.pdf

Stick to your plan

Plan your schedule at least a week in advance or you will find reasons why you just haven't got time for that run! . If you have a family, make sure they know your schedule so you won't end up having to babysit just when you had planned in a run! Remember to leave at least 3 hours after eating a big meal or you experience stomach problems. If you feel any pain when you run you may need to ease off for a while and take appropriate advice. It's best to miss a day or two rather than become injured and end up being out of action for longer.

Record your runs

The great thing about running is that is easy to measure your progress, unlike many other sports. So, record all your runs in a log book, see www.GoodRunGuide.co.uk where you can measure your distances and record all sorts of relevant information. There are lots of stats and graphs where you can track your progress and you will soon find these will show a vast improvement.

Join a running club

Running clubs are great sources of inspiration and the majority split into running groups dependent on speed. Remember everyone was a beginner once and so most clubs are very beginner friendly. If you don't have a local running club then you could always persuade some friends to join you whilst running. This passes the time quicker and its amazing how easy it is to set the world to rights at the same time!

View Training Plan: www.goodrunguide.co.uk/TrainingPlans/Beginners5K.pdf

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