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Best Breakfast Choices

Why "break the fast"?

To kick start your metabolism! Your body has been resting overnight and in the morning needs an energy boost and some hydration to get you going for the day!

Eating breakfast has many benefits such as increased weight loss and improved concentration.

Cereals are

  • High in fibre
  • Low in sugar
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals
Best Good Not so good
All-Bran Bran Flakes Clusters
Porridge Cheerios Coco Pops
Puffed Wheat Corn Flakes Crunchy Nut
Ready Brek Original Fruit 'n Fibre Granola
Shredded Wheat Muesli Frosties
Special K Rice Krispies Ready Brek Chocolate
Weetabix Shreddies Ricicles
Sultana Bran Sugar Puffs

A splash of milk adds even more goodness to cereal by providing some more calcium to your breakfast, which is essential for healthy bones and teeth.

Tick-Tock... The 10 Minute Rule...

No time for breakfast? Get up just 10 minutes earlier in the morning to help you to make time for breakfast... still no time... then grab a banana, cereal bar or a handful of grapes and a yogurt.

Inject some variety...

A high protein breakfast can help to increase the satiety value, meaning that you can feel fuller for longer, just be sure to keep the fat content down.

Sausages and black pudding can be quite high in fat and salt, so they should only be an occasional treat. And remember to grill not fry!

Why not add some grilled tomatoes, baked mushrooms and some baked beans for some extra protein, fibre and iron and also contribute to your 5 a-day!

And there's more... why not try...

  • A yogurt (low fat/light versions are best) with some muesli and fruit
  • A fruit scone toasted with high fruit spread
  • An English scone with a scraping of low fat spread

If eating breakfast out of the home, just be aware that a small individual size portion pack of butter contains 74 calories and 8.2g fat.

Check out our Breakfast Wizard to calculate exactly how much fat and calories are in your breakfast by adding up the cereal, milk and any extras such as fruit or yoghurt.

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