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Do Weighted Shoes Work?

What are weighted shoes?

The idea behind weighted shoes is that by increasing the amount of weight you have to carry with each step you will increase the number of calories you burn, and improve the strength and tone of your buttock and leg muscles.

While the average trainer weights about 1 pound, a weighted walking shoe can be anything from 2 to 4 pounds. Weighted shoes are designed only for walking, not running.

Do they help you lose weight?

Certain studies in Japan and Korea have suggested that weighted shoes can double the average person's calorie expenditure when walking. However, it's difficult to generalise the average person's calorie expenditure as so many factors like fitness and technique come into play!

Adding weight would undoubtedly increase the calories burned from walking but it's difficult to say how much. For the average Joe with a reasonable bill of health, the percentage increase would be a lot less than 100%. It all counts though, so weighted shoes could be an option for shifting the pounds!

Are there any drawbacks to using them?

Many walking experts dislike weighted shoes as they think they increase the possibility of muscle strain and injury. They believe there are far better ways to burn calories and improve muscle tone when walking. As mentioned above, weighted shoes should never be used for any exercise other than walking.

What else can increase my calorie expenditure when walking?

  • Wearing a laden rucksack over both shoulders or carrying hand weights will also increase the demand of your walks, without increasing the risk of injury.
  • Learn a proper arm swing to help tone your upper arms and prevent shoulder stiffness.
  • Walk faster than usual, so that you raise your heart rate and have breathe more heavily. This will mean you're raising your metabolic rate and burning more calories.
  • Walk further, and if possible, over a steeper gradient. Walking may not seem like a strenuous exercise, but half an hour every day will make a huge difference to your health and fitness.

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