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Earn your Easter Egg

It's quite scary how quickly we can undo all our hard work within in a few seconds of weakness - Easter Eggs being hard to avoid this month! That's not to say you shouldn't allow yourself an egg or two - just be mindful of what you need to do to balance it out.

Here are some classic Easter treats, and how long it would take to burn off those chocolaty calories!

Calorie content Minutes to eat Minutes to burn Fastest way to burn the calories
Cadbury's Mini Eggs 13 cals (per egg) 10 secs 3.5 mins of moderate walking 1 min running at 6mph
Galaxy Caramel Mini Eggs 58 cals per egg) 30 secs 16 mins of moderate walking 6.5 mins of front crawl
Cadbury's Caramel Bunnies 100 cals (per bunny) 1 min 27 mins of moderate walking 9 mins of vigorous cycling
Aero Lamb 146 cals (per lamb) 1 min 30 secs 40 mins of moderate walking 17 mins of front crawl
Cadbury's Cream Egg 180 cals (per egg) 4 mins 49 mins of moderate walking 17 mins running at 6mph
Milkybar Small Egg
382 cals
(whole egg)
30 mins 1 hour 38 mins of moderate walking 43 min of front crawl
Smarties Mini Eggs 100g 496 cals (per bag) 1 hour 2 hours 14 mins of moderate walking 1 hour Zumba + 15 mins running

Food for thought

For 'proper' size Easter Eggs, seeing how much exercise you need to do to burn off the calories is a very good incentive to spread the eating enjoyment over a few days. Being conscious to 'up' your activity level at the same time will really help to offset the extra calories and ensure no permanent damage is done to your weight loss progress!

Calorie content Time to burn Fastest way to burn the calories
Mini Egg Easter Egg + 1 bag Mini Eggs 780 cals
(egg + mini eggs)
3 hours 31 mins of moderate walking 1 hour 10 mins of vigorous cycling
Maltesers Easter Egg + 3 x snack size bags 820 cals
(egg + 3xbags)
3 hours 41 mins of moderate walking 1 hour circuit training + 1 hour Zumba
Kit Kat Chunky Egg + 1 Kit Kat chunky 836 cals
(egg + bar)
3 hours 46 mins of moderate walking 1 hour front crawl + 28 mins running at 6mph
Mars Easter Egg + 2 x snack size bars 894 cals
(egg + 2xbags)
4 hours 2 mins of moderate walking 1 hour vigorous cycling + 26 mins front crawl

Calorie burn figures based on a 10st woman. 'Moderate Walking' is classed as 3mph on the flat.

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