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Exercise Fatigue Advice

Everyone feels tired after a good workout but if even a light session leaves you too exhausted to function the next day, you may be suffering from unusual levels of fatigue. Have a medical check-up to identify any health issues, and if you are given the all-clear consider these other factors:

Potential fatigue factors

  • pre/post exercise nutrition
  • hydration
  • appropriateness of the level you exercise at
  • intermittent commitment to exercise
  • emotional stress
  • amount and quality of sleep
  • breathing techniques
  • bodyweight
  • current fitness level
  • vitamin deficiencies

Trial and error

Try conducting a thorough trial and error process to figure out what is the real cause of your exhaustion. Ensure all of the factors discussed below are as they should be and note how you feel with each change. By listening to your body you should be able to figure out which changes help minimise fatigue.


Don't exercise on an empty stomach, and ensure you consume a medium-sized consisting of complex carbohydrate and protein meal 1-2 hours before exercising.

Post-exercise nutrition is even more important so aim to take in 100g of fast-absorbing carbohydrate with protein within the first 15 minutes after exercise. This 15 minute window is when the body's enzymes are at their most effective at ensuring recovery of the muscles.


If you are even 3% dehydrated your performance and energy levels can be impacted by up to 20%! Drink 2 litres of water a day and minimise of your caffeine intake.

Level of exercise

Consider how regularly you exercise and how hard you push yourself. You could be in a cycle where you become fatigued post-exercise and have several day off before training again. This means fitness improvements will be slow and feel like an uphill struggle. Try exercising at a lesser intensity, even if it feels like a light workout. You may be pushing yourself too hard for your current fitness level.

Professional advice

Have a fitness professional assess your workout. If you have been doing the same thing for a long time, get it changed! Doing the same routine can cause repetitive-exercise fatigue, even though it may feel easy.

Also, get your breathing checked during your workout. If you are breathing at the wrong times or holding your breath it can tire the body due to inefficient oxygen supply. This can cause fatigue later.


Repetitive eating patterns could leave you with potential vitamin deficiencies when you exercise. If you think your nutrition lacks variety take a vitamin B supplement on.

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