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The Exercise DVD Review

By Kelly Marshall BSc (Hons),Dip PT, NASM, SFS, IFS, CES

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With the New Year comes a new beginning and a potential need to shed Christmas pounds! So here is the new exercise DVD's planned for release throughout Christmas, ready for the 2009 New Year kick start! As this information is pre-release for most of these DVD's, the comments are constructive and based on the advertised exercise style and content, so use the following information to guide you in making the right choices on what will best suit your needs and preferences.

Strictly Come Dancing: Workout with Kelly & Flavia

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Description: It features Kelly Brook and Flavia Cacace doing four energetic dances - the Salsa, Jive, Quick Step and the Tango accompanied with an appropriate warm up and cool down. The concept of this DVD is that it aims to recreate the moves that feature from the Popular TV show 'Strictly Come Dancing' and the soundtrack boasts some big names including Shakira, Gnarls Barkley and Survivor. The instructions are presented step by step so you can practice as many times as necessary until you feel confident to do the routines. If you were a fan of the TV show then you will be fan of this.

Totally Fit - Mel B

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Description: This is the first release from the ex-Spice girl Mel B, described as a full-body workout. It boasts to incorporate 30 minute cardio and resistance training programmes, together with healthy eating tips to take a holistic approach to losing weight and achieving a 'svelte figure'. A particularly nice aspect to this DVD is the 10-minute workout options that are provided for those with limited time...nice touch!!

The DVD was recorded overlooking the ocean in Malibu and it is clear why Mel B has recently been voted as having the world's third most fantasy body in a 'YouGov' poll! This could be a good option for those who like a combined approach to exercise with scenic views to gaze at in the process and the 10 minute workout options may prove very valuable to someone struggling to balance their lifestyle demands.

Ministry of sound: Pump it Up: Aeroburn

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Description: This is the 6th release in the Ministry of sound series and it combines an energetic track list with some of the biggest hits of 2008, choreographed to some of the latest dance moves. The track list includes: Dizzee Rascal featuring Calvin Harris 'Dance with me', September 'Cry for you', Eric Prydz 'Pjanoo' and Basshunter 'now your gone'

It has a warm up section (7 minutes), a tone up section (10 minutes), an aeroburn section (made up of two parts: 1. A selection of signature aero moves (to maximise fat burning through aerobic-type moves) 2. Aerobic dance moves with more pop-type technical moves. To finish off there is a cool down section where you can learn to dance just like some popular music videos, finished by a 7 minute stretching section, all filmed at the stylish Laban Dance studio in London (the location where the original Eric Prydz 'all on me'music video was shot).

As an added bonus you also get (as an extra special feature) choreographed dance classics routine as well as extra music videos for Utah Saints, H Two O Feat Platnum and Basshunter.

Tracey Anderson Method: Dance Cardio Workout

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Description: Tracey Anderson has a great reputation as a celebrity personal trainer and has designed this DVD to combine a mix of toning exercises, (designed to work muscles that a standard gym workout wouldn') with her own dance aerobics program. It is being marketed as a fun and invigorating high-intensity workout.

A nice feature of this DVD is that there is a break down section which allows you to learn the routines at your own pace and you can even follow the routines following Tracy from the back, as if you were actually in the class. If you are into aerobics and choreography then this DVD may be a good option, though it has received mixed reviews from buyers in the USA as some found the moves difficult to master.

Dancing on Ice: Dancercise

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Description: Similar in concept to the 'strictly come dancing' DVD, this offers a dance-based exercise approach that encompasses dance moves from the ITV1 entertainment show itself and exercise techniques used in professional ice-skating training. Relatively easy-to-follow this is a good option for those who enjoyed the TV show and have a flavour for choreography.

Letitia Dean's: Lean Routine

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Description: This ex-Eastender's star has got together with Celebrity Fitness Trainer Dee Thresher, to create an all-round exercise DVD that focuses on interval-style, aerobic exercise and specifically targets the troublesome areas like the stomach and back of the upper arms.

There are four components to this DVD: 1. The warm up; 2. A 'Latin Sizzler' section (which is a 15 minute easy dance mover); 3. A 'Bingo Buster' section which is 15 minutes dedicated to targeting the back of your upper arm; 4. A 'Muffin Shrinker' section, designed to focus on toning your stomach area. Also included within this DVD is Letita's eating plan to highlight how she adapted her nutrition alongside her training to lose two stone.

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