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Find exercise a real chore?

Exercise is an essential part of a healthy weight loss programme. As well as burning calories it helps change your body shape, improve your posture, get rid of back and neck problems and makes weight control easier as you get older.

Unfortunately, a lot of people have an aversion to exercise that puts them off even looking at a pair of trainers! But if you are an 'exercise-phobe', don't throw out your jogging bottoms just yet!

Why do you hate exercise?

The word 'hate' suggests that you have forced yourself in the past to exercise in a way that didn't inspire or motivate you, or potentially didn't provide the results you wanted. The key to getting optimum results out of any activity is to make sure you enjoy it, and can get satisfaction out of reaching targets.

Trial and error is the best way to find an activity you like, plus a bit of persistence because we often, at first, 'hate' the things we find difficult or need to do the most.

Variation and innovation

Exercise isn't all about going to the gym or swimming lengths in the pool. There are countless ways to get your heart pumping! Think of the most random physical activity possible and find out where and how you can get involved. Activities and classes from samba dancing, to kick-boxing to mountain biking are all great ways to work-out.

If possible try to find three or four different types of exercise to do each week. Your body burns more calories if it is being regularly challenged in different ways. If you stick with one type of work-out, you'll soon become accustomed to it and not have to work as hard. A mix of activities also helps ensure that you're working all the different muscle groups in the body.


Find a friend who also wants to get fit and plan your new exercise regime together. Having a commitment to meet someone makes it a lot harder to duck out of a work-out, and also turns it into more sociable occasion. You can support each other when the enthusiasm is waning, and celebrate any successes together!

Professional advice

Sometimes we 'hate' things we don't feel comfortable with, so it may be worth getting a personal trainer to show you how to train at a whole new level. Sometimes support and guidance from a professional can make exercise seem far less daunting. A trainer can take you through the journey of finding exactly what activities work for you and your lifestyle.

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