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Advice On Pedometers

A good pedometer will count the number of steps you take and calculate how many calories you are burning as a result. It can be a really effective tool in keeping track of how much exercise you are doing in a day.

Which pedometer?

These three different types of pedometer are currently 5-star rated by leading walking-specific magazines and exercise-specific websites.

Omron Digital Pedometer-Model HJ-112

Counts steps and calculates distance and calories burned. It also tracks aerobic steps separately when walking or jogging more than 60 steps per minute or more than 10 minutes continuously. It has a 7-day memory, is absolutely silent, and comes with a security lease.

You can wear it anywhere that is perpendicular to the ground, so you don't need a waistband. The pedometer is brilliant for walkers and runners who want to track dedicated walking or running workouts as well as tracking their total daily steps. The exercise timer continues so long as you don't pause for more than a minute.

Yamax SW-701 Digiwalker

Counts steps and estimates distance based on your average stride length, which you can set in increments of .25 feet. It estimates calories burned based on your weight without regard to your speed. This pedometer also rates top by a consumer magazine for accuracy and reliability of step counting. It is small and lightweight, and comes with a case that protects buttons from reset.

The Omron HJ-720ITC

This is a full-featured pedometer (steps, distance, calories) that also allows you to upload graphs and charts of steps, aerobic steps, distance, calories and fat burned. The pedometer is of an advanced design that tolerates more tilt than many. It is absolutely silent and very accurate.

When should I use it?

Use it with all walking and running activities but be cautious about using it with activities where the pedometer may find it more difficult to distinguish between movements.

What steps don't count?

To ensure you achieve the optimum calorie deficit, (created by good nutrition and exercise), only count the calories you burn from activities that are above your daily routine. Be cautious not to fall into the trap of counting calories for just walking the normal distance you do every day (i.e. around house, walking dog, at work etc.). This is because daily movement is not 'additional' expenditure and including this can give a misrepresentation that could slow your weight loss achievements.

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