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A list of 'slimming' clothes to try

By Alicia Kite, Top Style Consultant & founder of StyleMeSlim.com

Good underwear

  • A well-fitting bra in the right size will always make you look slimmer and can create more of a waist. It's well worth getting yourself measured properly.
  • The right style of knickers in a short for example, can make your bottom look smaller.
  • Well-shaped underwear is important as this can make you look a dress size smaller.

Good tops

  • Narrow horizontal stripes on a top can make you look slimmer.
  • V neck lines are perfect to elongate.
  • A ¾ sleeve length will always flatter every arm.
  • A short sleeve that cuts upwards like a capped sleeve will always make your arms look slimmer.
  • Sleeveless tops that are cut deep to cover your armpit and show off the tips of your shoulders can often be more slimming.

Good trousers

  • Boot cut jeans worn with a heel can make your legs look thinner and longer.
  • Skinny dark coloured jeans can also be slimming.
  • Trousers worn as long as possible will lengthen your leg.
  • Flat fronted trousers are a slimming style.
  • Side fastening trousers can be more slimming if you carry your weight on your tummy.
  • Trousers worn high waisted or just below your tummy button helps to keep those muffins under control.

Good skirts & dresses

  • Skirts that finish just below your knee or where your leg goes in are more slimming.
  • Pencil skirts worn with the correct underwear really can make you look slimmer.
  • A well cut, fitted, plain and elegant dress.

Good jackets

  • Jackets that show off your waist.
  • A jacket that finishes on your positive area, for example mid bottom.
  • Sleeve length - just below your wrist bone is the most flattering and slimming.
  • Biker style jackets flatter most body shapes.
  • A single breasted well fitting jacket/coat is more slimming.
  • A classic/slim lapel is more slimming than a broad lapel.
  • A fitted single breasted jacket is slimming.
  • Waistcoats can make you look slimmer.

Good fabrics

  • Thicker and better quality jersey fabrics will make you look slimmer. So many people think if you pay more for a top or dress in a jersey fabric, then you are just paying for the label/brand but you're not, a better quality fabric will make you look slimmer.
  • Darker coloured fabrics are generally more slimming.
  • Layering your outfit using camisoles to give you that extra layer means your garment skims over your body and doesn't cling.
  • Chiffon is a great fabric especially on a sleeve.
  • Vertical stripes will always elongate you.
  • Clothes that give you shape but are not too clingy will make you look slimmer.
  • The right fit and cut of any garment is key, fabric, style, fit and colour really can make a difference to how you look.
  • Your whole outfit in one colour will make you look taller and slimmer.

Good shoes

  • Wearing a pair of heels will always make you look slimmer.
  • Flesh or nude coloured shoes will lengthen your leg.
  • A classic court shoe will always elongate your legs.
  • A pointed toe shoe is more slimming.
  • A stiletto or kitten heel can make your legs look smaller.

Good accessories

  • A bracelet or cuff will always draw the eye down the arm away from the top of arms.
  • Long silky scarves can hide those muffins.
  • A long necklace can elongate your body shape.
  • A long earring can make your face look slimmer.
  • A hoop earring if you get the proportion right can make your face look younger.
  • A narrow belt in the same colour as the outfit will help create a waist helping you look slimmer.
  • Black opaque tights are a girl's best friend as these will make your legs look longer and slimmer.
  • Choosing the right hairstyle can make you look slimmer.

This is a guide for you to begin to understand why some clothes can make you look and feel bigger, but on a positive some can make you look and feel slim.

Fashion doesn't make it easy for us as it constantly changes, so don't be ruled by fashion. You need to find your own personal style. When you've discovered which shapes and fabrics flatter you best, you will look amazing because you'll be dressing with confidence - which in turn will has a huge effect on how you feel about yourself.



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