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Most Frequently Asked Nutrition Questions From Men

Most Frequently Asked Nutrition Questions From Men

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5. I love my food! What is a 'reasonable' portion size?

FAQThe most common reason for not losing weight, is not being scrupulous about how you enter foods into your food diary. Portion control is paramount which may mean you weighing your food at least for a while.

Obviously this is most important where a small slip of the knife or the wrong size of spoon can make a big difference. For example don't ever guess how much cheese you are putting in a sandwich (you'll almost always underestimate which can leave you a couple of hundred calories adrift), and watch calories traps like high fat dressings, and sauces where it's so easy to be a heavy handed without realising it.
Also breakfast cereals are another food that it's easy to eat twice the recommended serving of - or more!

When weighing isn't possible, you may find it easier to come up with a visual reference system in your head - for example...
- a matchbox size piece of cheese
- a piece of meat the size of a pack of cards
- a potion of pasta or potato that's the volume of your balled fist... and so on.

6. Why is my waist measurement so important, and what guidance can you give me?

Waist measurement is so important because scientists have found that it correlates closely with various aspects of health.

A waist measurement of over 40 inches puts you at increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and various other ailments. One below 37 inches is the healthiest, which is what you are aiming for!

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