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Most Frequently Asked Nutrition Questions From Men

Most Frequently Asked Nutrition Questions From Men

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3. What easy food switches can I make to help me lose weight?

FAQHere are 5 top tips from Angela Dowden, Nutracheck's Nutritionist:

1. Instead of sausages and pies have lean meat.
2. Swap full fat milk for skimmed or semi-skimmed.
3. Always use low fat versions of mayo, or swap to something like salsa or ketchup.
4. Ditch the sugary drinks - there's no easy way to cut down on calories (have diet drinks or water instead).
5. Spread low fat spread instead of butter of full fat margarine.

4. Why does this system monitor fat intake?

Though calories are ultimately the most important thing when it comes to losing weight, fat is important too. Fat is the nutrient with the largest amount of calories per gram yet it is the least filling. So keeping within your fat intake will automatically help you to lose weight more successfully.

Also, too much saturated fat (found largely but not exclusively in animal products such as full fat dairy products and meat products) raises cholesterol levels which can increase your risk of a heart attack. So for all sorts of good heath reasons it's worth keeping an eye on your fat intake and keeping it down. Some types of fat are essential however, so don't try to cut it out altogether.


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