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Real Life Fitness Questions Answered

Kelly Marshall
Fitness Consultant

Posted 19 Feb 12

How many calories are burned in a kettlebell class?

Hi, Any idea how many calories you burn in a Kettlebell class (60 minutes, using 5lb weights)? Thanks.

Our expert says...



This is a good question because although kettle bells are strength focused they also involve multi-joint movements for most of the exercises and therefore have a greater calorie burning potential then more traditional strength methods.


Due to the unique combination of strength and momentum and its combined ability to significantly increase and maintain an elevated heart rate I would recommend that in 60minutes of total work time (total collective amount of time swinging added up to 60minutes) that you could record a figure between 450-600 calories depending on just how out of breath you feel at the end. If you feel you push yourself very hard then choose a figure closer to the 600 figure.


There are suggestions that kettle bells can burn as much as 1500 in an hour and although the calorie burn potential is extremely high it would be inaccurate to assume such figures were reached, as claims are part of the marketing which is hyped as a unique selling point and over-generous figures were skew your calorie balance results. The figure would definitely benefit from being increased and considered separately from traditional strength training so I hope this helps you.



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