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McDonalds Calories

Looking for McDonalds calories? Find out how many there are in your favourite meal. Armed with the calorie and fat information below, you'll be able to make an informed decision on your next visit to McDonalds.

We believe that if you're watching calories and fat, no foods are banned. So to make an informed decision and enjoy the odd Big Mac now and again, see our list of McDonalds calories below.

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Description Serving Sizes kCal Fat(g)
Big Mac Calories Per Serving 493 22.9
McDonalds Calories, French Fries Regular 206 9
McDonalds Calories, Apple Pie Per Serving 230 12.8
McDonalds Calories, Bacon & Egg McMuffin Per Serving 346 18
McDonalds Calories, Cheeseburger Per Serving 299 11.5
McDonalds Calories, Chicken McNuggets Per Serving 706 31.2
McDonalds Calories, Double Cheeseburger Per Serving 438 22.1
McDonalds Calories, Hamburger Per Serving 253 7.7
McDonalds Calories, Hash Brown Per Serving 138 7.7
McDonalds Calories, Large Chocolate Donut Per Serving 336 15.8
McDonalds Calories, McChicken Sandwich Per Serving 375 17.2
McDonalds Calories, Quarter Pounder With Cheese Per Serving 516 26.7
McDonalds Calories, Sausage & Egg McMuffin Per Serving 427 25