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Fast Food Calories

How many calories in fast food? Sometimes it's hard to make an informed decision whilst in the queue of a fast food restaurant. After all, you're unlikely to find the nutrition facts of Calories and Fat in fast food menus.

Use our simple Calorie Calculator below to find McDonalds calories, Subway calories and many more.

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Description Serving Sizes kCal Fat(g)
McDonalds Calories, Quarter Pounder With Cheese Per Serving 516 26.7
Subway Calories, Italian BMT Hot Sandwich Per Serving 446 23
KFC Calories, Zinger Meal & Drink Per Serving 795 34.6
Big Mac Calories Per Serving 493 22.9
Burger King Calories, Bacon Double Cheeseburger Per Serving 479 25
Burger King Calories, Cheeseburger Per Serving 320 13
Burger King Calories, Chicken Royale Per Serving 606 32
Burger King Calories, Chicken Royale With Cheese Per Serving 660 39
Burger King Calories, Whopper Per Serving 634 34
Burger King Calories, Whopper With Cheese Per Serving 721 42
KFC Calories, Chicken Fillet Meal Per Serving 761 30.4
KFC Calories, Colonel's Meal, Diet Pepsi Per Serving 837 44.8
KFC Calories, Colonel's Meal, Regular Pepsi Per Serving 968 44.8
KFC Calories, Original Twister Meal Per Serving 888 46.2
KFC Calories, Zinger Tower Meal Per Serving 888 38.4
McDonalds Calories, Bacon & Egg McMuffin Per Serving 346 18
McDonalds Calories, Cheeseburger Per Serving 299 11.5
McDonalds Calories, Double Cheeseburger Per Serving 438 22.1
McDonalds Calories, McChicken Sandwich Per Serving 375 17.2
McDonalds Calories, Sausage & Egg McMuffin Per Serving 427 25
Subway Calories, Cheese Steak Hot Sandwich 6" sandwich 330 9
Subway Calories, Classic Club Salad Per Serving 390 11
Subway Calories, Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Per Serving 213 11
Subway Calories, Roasted Chicken Sandwich 6" sandwich 304 5.2

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