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KFC Calories

KFC is great for sharing with the family. Find how many calories are in a Colonel meal and more below.

However, it's not just the KFC calories you need to watch out for. Beware of how many calories a fizzy drink may add to your KFC meal.

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Description Serving Sizes kCal Fat(g)
KFC Calories, Chicken Fillet Meal Per Serving 761 30.4
KFC Calories, Chicken Fillet Tower Meal Per Serving 862 34.1
KFC Calories, Colonel's Crispy Strips Meal, Regular Pepsi Per Serving 1,137 54.8
KFC Calories, Colonel's Meal, Diet Pepsi Per Serving 837 44.8
KFC Calories, Colonel's Meal, Regular Pepsi Per Serving 968 44.8
KFC Calories, Combo Meal & Barbeque Beans Per Serving 937 45.2
KFC Calories, Combo Meal and Corn Cobette Per Serving 1,017 51.1
KFC Calories, Corn Cobette Per Serving 148 8.4
KFC Calories, Original Twister Meal Per Serving 888 46.2
KFC Calories, Popcorn Chicken Box Regular 279 16.9
KFC Calories, Popcorn Chicken Meal Per Serving 745 42.1
KFC Calories, Zinger Chicken Salad - No Dressing Per Serving 307 14.3
KFC Calories, Zinger Meal & Drink Per Serving 795 34.6
KFC Calories, Zinger Tower Meal Per Serving 888 38.4
KFC Calories, Zinger Tower Meal, Regular Pepsi Per Serving 1,019 38.4