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Calories in Takeaways

We all like a takeaway now and again. But it's important to know how many calories in takeaways there are, especially if you're watching your weight.

When counting calories, we believe that no foods are banned - even takeaways! So no matter what you go for, read our list of calories in takeaways to make a more informed decision.

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Description Serving Sizes kCal Fat(g)
Calories in Chinese, Chicken Chow Mein Serving 361 8.3
Calories in Chinese, Crispy Duck & Pancakes 3 Pancakes 403 21.8
Calories in Chinese, Egg Fried Rice 100g 186 4.9
Calories in Chinese, Prawn Crackers Ave. Portion 214 12.6
Calories in Chinese, Sweet & Sour Chicken Serving 435 6.1
Calories in Chip Shop, Cod in Batter Medium 444 27.8
Calories in Chip Shop, Fish & Chips Ave. Portion 838 48.3
Calories in Chip Shop, Fishcake 1 Fishcake 186 9.3
Calories in Chip Shop, Sausage in batter Ave. Portion 229 19
Calories in Indian, Chicken Biryani Serving 519 21.5
Calories in Indian, Chicken Jalfrezi Serving 385 20
Calories in Indian, Chicken Korma Serving 599 35.4
Calories in Indian, Chicken Tikka Serving 154 4.1
Calories in Indian, Garlic Naan Naan 395 9.6
Calories in Pizza, 9-10" Standard Pizza whole pizza 868 36.2
Calories in Pizza, 9-10" Meat or Fish Pizza whole pizza 744 24.9
Calories in Pizza, 12" Meat or Fish Pizza whole pizza 1,584 53
Calories in Pizza, 12" Standard Pizza whole pizza 1,835 76.6

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