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Calories in Drinks

Looking for calories in drinks? You may be surprised at just how many calories can come from drinks that you previously thought were relatively low in calories.

From coffee to juice drinks, find out how many calories are in them here.

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Description Serving Sizes kCal Fat(g)
Calories in Apple Juice 200ml 96 0.1
Calories in Coffee, Nescafe Cappuccino serving 80 3.1
Calories in Coffee, Nescafe Latte (22g) sachet made up 110 6.3
Calories in Drinks, Coca-Cola (330ml) can 142 0
Calories in Drinks, Coca-Cola Diet (330ml) can 1 0
Calories in Drinks, Lemonade 200ml 30 0
Calories in Drinks, Lemondade Diet 250ml 3 0.1
Calories in Orange Juice 250ml 118 0
Calories in Pineapple Juice 250ml 125 0
Calories in Tropicana Original Orange Juice with bits 330ml 142 0
Calories in Coffee, Black 1 Mug 0 0
Calories in Coffee, Black, 1 Sugar 1 Mug 32 0
Calories in Coffee, Semi Skimmed Milk 1 Mug 20 0.7
Calories in Coffee, Semi Skimmed Milk, 1 Sugar 1 Mug 51 0.7
Calories in Tea, Black 100ml 0 0
Calories in Tea, Black, 1 Sugar 100g 24 0
Calories in Tea, Semi Skimmed Milk 1 Cup 13 0.5
Calories in Tea, Semi Skimmed Milk, 1 Sugar 1 Cup 37 0.5

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