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Calories in Bakery

If you're looking for calories in common bakery items, find out how many calories in Bread, Toast and Sugar there are here.

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Description Serving Sizes kCal Fat(g)
Calories in a Doughnut, Custard doughnut 267 7
Calories in a Doughnut, Iced Glazed regular 410 20
Calories in a Doughnut, Jam dessert 256 13
Calories in a Muffin, Blueberry muffin 266 13.9
Calories in a Muffin, Breakfast Muffin muffin 149 1.2
Calories in a Muffin, Chocolate Chip muffin 401 17
Calories in a Muffin, Wholemeal Muffin muffin 141 2.1
Calories in Bread, Brown Bread 36g 1x Med Slices (Large Loaf) 78 0.7
Calories in Bread, Granary Bread 36g 1x Med Slices (Large Loaf) 85 1
Calories in Bread, White Bread 36g 1x Med Slices (Large Loaf) 85 0.7
Calories in Bread, Wholemeal Bread 36g 1x Med Slices (Large Loaf) 77 0.9
Calories in Sugar, Brown Dark Soft 5ml Tsp 395 0.2
Calories in Sugar, Demerara 100g 394 0
Calories in Sugar, Granulated 1/2 tsp 16 0
Calories in Sugar, Icing Sugar 5ml tsp 20 0
Calories in Sugar, White 100g 394 0

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