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Calories in Vodka

With 7 calories per gram, the number of calories in alcohol is second only after fat (9 cals/g). When looking at the calories in vodka, it has a typical alcohol content of 40%. So for a 25ml (single) measure, you're looking at around 55 calories, or, 110 calories for a double.

The calories in alcohol are metabolised first by the body, ahead of burning fat - which is not desirable if on a weight loss diet.

Nutracheck's weight loss service doesn't ban vodka, but instead, gives you a tool to monitor the number of calories in your diet from alcohol. Your food diary includes an Alcohol Monitor that tracks daily and weekly intake of vodka and other alcoholic drinks.

Click on a item below to see more vodka serving sizes:

Click on a item to see more serving sizes

Description Serving Sizes kCal Fat(g)
Calories in Smirnoff Black Bottle 176 0
Calories in Smirnoff Ice 100ml 64 0
Calories in Smirnoff Red 20ml measure 44 0
Calories in Vladivar Single (25ml) 61 0
Calories in Vodka & Coke Single 120 0
Calories in Vodka & Diet Coke Single 56 0
Calories in Vodka & Orange Juice Single 126 0
Calories in Vodka & Slimline Tonic Single 58 0
Calories in Vodka & Tomato Juice Single 98 0
Calories in Vodka & Tonic Single 88 0
Calories in Vodka Red Bull 1/2 can Single 112 0
Calories in Vodka Sugar-free Red Bull (1/2 can) - single Single 59 0
Calories in Vodka, Lime & Soda Single 76 0

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