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November 2021

01 Nov, 2021

Here's an exclusive look into the projects we've been working on over the past month, as well as an upcoming challenge we think you'll love!

November challenge
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Recent research found that an eating habit we've adopted during lockdown has stuck – takeaways! We're ordering more now than we were before. We're challenging NC members to be mindful of their take out habits and skip or swap for healthier versions. The benefits? Save money and consume less fat, sat fat, salt and calories – it's a win-win! (and maybe a pre-Christmas weight loss boost too!)

Slow cooked recipes
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As the colder weather creeps up on us, it's about time to get the slow cooker out. Our members loved reading about these delicious low-calorie slow cooker recipes. They're great ideas to share for a simple and warming meal in the colder months. Try it for yourself!

Traffic lights
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Traffic lights are here

Our members have LOVED the latest updates to the Nutracheck app! It includes great new features, a new handy traffic light guide for foods, and bigger and better images. Have you been enjoying the new features?

Why is water essential
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Facts about water

This blog explains how our bodies use water and how other factors can affect our hydration. It's excellent knowledge to share with your followers. Hopefully, some have been taking part in our October 'Hydrate, Feel Great' challenge.