Vegan fizz, the little App beating Weight Watchers and more...

01 Sep, 2019

Beating the big boys
The App that's beating the big boys!
Keto, 5:2, low-carb – whatever your diet choice, it's all about tracking calories.

Vegan fizz
Hurrah for vegan fizz!
Vegans beware: all wines can contain animal by-products, so hats off to Aldi and Asda (and others) for vegan-friendly fizz!

Roller coaster
Get off the diet 'rollercoaster' – for good!
On your diet. Off your diet. Weight goes down... then up. 'Rollercoaster dieting' is exhausting for your body – but how do you get off?

Christmas content
Christmas is coming...
Ask us for Christmas food ideas & nutrition tips, reader give-aways and advice from nutritionist Emma.

Eat more for less
How to eat more – for less!
Emma explains how swapping starchy carbs for lower energy dense alternatives can add bulk but cut calories! Give these popular swaps a try.

Eating out
Eating out
How to deal with eating out on a diet
How do you deal with eating out – and not sabotage your diet? Here's data for 70+ eateries & coffee shops.

5 curries under 550 calories
Curries don't have to be off the menu – a homemade one can be a very healthy addition to your diet: here's how to do it.

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