15 spoons (of sugar!) and counting, Christmas chocs and more...

14 Nov, 2019

Festive Sugar Shockers
15 spoons and counting:
festive drink sugar shockers
Some leading coffee shop Christmas drinks contain 15+ teaspoons of sugar

Planful December
How to be more 'planful' this December
Nutritionist Emma's tips on why being 'planful' this December means you can have the best time without the post party weight gain.

Fat v sugar
Fat v sugar? Battle of the 'bad boys' continues
Fat and sugar have been the twin 'bad boys' of diets forever: should we worry more about fat or carbs when it comes to health and weight loss?

Christmas cocktails
Christmassy cocktails
Who doesn't love a cocktail at Christmas – just keep an eye on the calories.

Making 5 meals from 1 veggie chilli
Here's a solution to your next super busy week: cook just once for a week of warming, high fibre dinners – and all under 550 calories.

Emmalyse your fridge
What does your fridge say about you?
Emma set herself a challenge: to take a look one of our member’s fridges and analyse the contents. Here's what she found:

Choccy Horrors
Keep count of the wrappers!
How your favourite 'minis' can soon add up to full-size calories