Content ideas inspired by our lockdown survey

20 May, 2020

On shopping...
Brands less important: 57% are not bothered as we switch to more fresh food

One of the biggest changes is our attitude towards branded goods: a big factor may be availability, but if people have found acceptable, cheaper alternatives to their usual brands, they may be less bothered about buying branded goods in the future.

On food waste...
64% are throwing less in the bin

Our survey found that nearly two thirds of participants are wasting less food. Food availability and less frequent shopping trips are likely to be factors, but it's a clear win for the environment as well as people’s pockets. Hopefully people's attitudes to throwing food away too casually are changing.

On takeaways...
56% said they’d ordered NO takeaways

Takeaways have taken a back seat which is a huge change. Pre-lockdown, a quarter of our daily calories were typically from food and drink eaten outside of the home. The combined result of no eating out and fewer takeaways is that people are more in control of exactly what they're eating. (But pizza is first choice for those who have indulged!)

On exercise...
42% embrace ONLINE workouts – and 30% keep it up

Online exercise has taken off in a big way, and people seem to have embraced this new way of keeping fit.

On cooking...
One-third are cooking more

There has been a revival in home-cooking. Probably not surprising that with more time available, many people are spending it in the kitchen. It's no doubt linked to the increased purchasing of fresh, unpackaged foods, and less reliance on convenience foods.

On snacking...
51% are snacking MORE

Snacking, not surprisingly, has been a challenge for just over half the respondents. Around 40% said they are working from home so physical proximity to food has probably played a part. In terms of snack preference, the survey found an even split between sweet and savoury

On supplements
43% exercise outside – but boosting Vit D uptake is crucial

Vitamin D is so important that your body makes it by itself – but only after exposing the skin to sufficient sunlight.