The new diet to save the planet, why calories will always count and more...

01 May, 2019

UK restaurants must slash calories: nutritionist Emma looks at the options
The government has requested that UK restaurants cut the calories in their meals by at least 20%, by the year 2024. This sounds like a big ask – but is it?

Don't eyeball! 8 foods you absolutely MUST weigh
Even if you think you're really good at it, visually guessing at portion sizes can be way out, sending your calorie count haywire. Don't chance it with these 8 foods.

Missed breakfast? Try our 'deskfast'!
For those of us who can't face food first thing, eating breakfast at home is a non-starter. Here's how to do it healthily at work.

5 simple hacks to help you eat less
Here's a few simple weight loss hacks you can use to boost your weight loss painlessly.

5 British classics made lighter
Simple, British classics with a twist to lower the calorie counts. Still delicious!

Nicoletta: "Losing my mum was my lightbulb moment."
Unfit, overweight and just 5 foot 2 inches, Nicoletta felt as wide as she was tall. Here's her inspiring weight loss story.

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