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Successful Weight Loss

What is a sensible approach to weight loss?

For sensible and sustainable weight loss, it is essential to combine healthy eating with exercise. Restricting food intake alone by dieting will result in weight loss, but the amount and rate of loss is always improved by an increase in regular exercise.

There are many weight loss diets are on the market today. Although they appear to be different advising you to eat only certain foods or in different combinations, the majority work on the basic principle of reducing overall calorie intake. Consuming less calories than your body needs is the key to weight loss - if carried out sensibly. For sustainable weight loss, it is not recommended that you go below 1,400 calories per day.

Popular weight loss programs include:

  • The Atkins diet
  • The GI diet
  • The Cabbage Soup diet
  • 5:2 Diet

Many of the 'fashionable' weight loss diets are so restrictive it is unrealistic to stick to them for long and the majority of us just give up! The most successful approach to weight loss is not to be so restrictive, and set realistic targets of no more than 10% weight loss in one go. Breaking down your weight loss into milestones like this will encourage you to stay motivated and achieve your weight loss goal. Cutting down your calorie intake slowly, in stages, allows you to gradually adapt to a new lifestyle and weight loss will soon be achieved. Combining a healthy diet with exercise means weight loss will be achieved even quicker.


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