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Will my exercise bike help me reach my goal?

I'm 5ft 3 and started at 11st 2lb and now weigh 10st 3lb. My goal is 9st and I'm wondering if its because I'm over weight or just because of previous pregnancies. I use my exercise bike, the "all over body workout" ones that works your arms as well as your legs where you can adjust the resistance.
Will this help and/or is there something else I can do? Squatting is not possible because of a bad condition with my knees.
Thank you


Our expert says...


your exercise bike (with upper body involvement) will absolutely help you in getting to your goal. Due to the involvement of the upper body as well, it will provide a better balance of workout to the body and should provide greater calorie burning then a conventional bike.

It isn't going to be the fastest or most effective way to get you to your weight loss target though if you just used this one machine in isolation, as the body will become accustomed to the movement very quickly, reducing the calories burned during a workout and even aggravating your bad knees through repetitive stress. I would suggest you take a look at my recent answer to the 'back fat' question, where I have detailed some of the most effective methods for calorie burning and weight loss through exercise.

If you feel uncomfortable with lunges/squats simply avoid them for the meantime but long-term I would suggest you get a fitness professional / corrective exercise specialist to show you some stabilization exercises you can do to improve the stability and strength of your knees. Regardless of whether your knee issue is relating to cartilage damage, cruciate tears, loose bodies, collateral ligament damage, mensiscus tears or arthritis, there are some rehab movement patterns that will just prevent any knee weakness/complication from impacting on your exercise habits further down the line! Just something for you to think about.

Hope this helps


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