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Will drinking coffee affect my weight loss?


I often read conflicting pieces of info in magazines about the effect coffee (and caffeine) can have on weight loss.

I drink 2 cups of coffee most days w/ skimmed milk and sweetener (3 cups on a "bad" day), but also drink a fair bit of water, although probably not enough.

Will this have much of an effect on my weight loss?

Thanks in advance,


Our expert says...

Hi Natalie,

2-3 cups of coffee with skimmed milk is not going to have a huge impact on your calorie or fat intake, although you need to add them to your food diary every day as it is surprising how these small things can add up over a week.

The main problem with caffeine is that it is a stimulant, which stimulates the adrenal gland to release adrenaline. This is why we so often have a cup when we need a pick-me-up.

Adrenaline has the effect of increasing blood glucose levels to ensure your body has enough energy to copy with any emergency situation which may arise, such as 'flight and fright'. If this circulating blood glucose is not used up as fuel (which is generally not the case when merely drinking a cup of coffee!), insulin removes it from the blood and can store it as fat.

Having said that, it is unlikely that just 2 cups of coffee a day will produce a significant effect, so you can continue to enjoy your coffee without worrying. However, it's easy to forget that caffeine is also found in cola, tea, chocolate and energy drinks, so you might be having more than you realise. Keep this in mind and be careful!

I'm pleased that you are drinking water. You can track your glasses each day by using our water meter monitor. Water makes the body function more efficiently and is fat-free with zero calories! Dehydration can also be mistaken for hunger, so make sure you have a glass of water before each meal.

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