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Why do my legs hurt when doing my spinning classes?

Hi, Have recently started spinning classes but I am having real trouble with my legs. I have no injuries and can do aerobic and walking/jogging just fine but when I am doing my spinning class (60 min class) I just can't keep up. My knees and thigh muscles begin to burn with pain about 15 mins into the class and that is without doing any standing pedalling hill climbs. I try but I can't raise myself up and pedal as my legs give out. I have only just started the class (been twice now) and I am 5'10" and weigh 13st. The class instructor has checked my technique and made sure I have enough resistance loaded when hill climbing but I still can't do it. Why is this happening? Is it just that I'm too heavy for my leg muscles? If so, what exercise can I do to help improve my stamina and strengthen my legs and knees? Should I take glucosamine for the burning sensation? Yours frustrated, Mrs Dbrose


Our expert says...


Hi Mrs Dbrose,


What I think you will find is the burning sensation in your legs is an example of the specificity of training. As you are not accustomed to the specific cycling movement yet, the activity is tiring your quads (thigh muscles) very quickly and fatigue gives these burning feeling you are experiencing.


It could relate to your weight but also just the need for you to keep practising the movements by doing more classes. Doing some leg strengthening work would be beneficial and some good examples can be found on the resources page of the website under ‘Kelly’s home exercise articles’ section. In particular, the exercises in the article: ‘activate your butt, protect your butt’ would be very useful for strengthening your quads.


Glucosamine won’t help alleviate burning sensations in muscle that relates to waste product build up from exercise as it is a supplement used for joint-specific pain that relates to wear and tear of cartilage, see below.


 “Glucosamine is effective in relieving joint pain and inflammation, and has even been used to help people with moderate to severe osteoarthritis in pain management. In this instance, it is most effective when combined with either msm or chrondoitin"


"Glucosamine is actually found naturally in the body, in joint cartilage. It plays a part in helping maintain the health of the cartilage.”




So stick with the classes keep the resistance low and try and incorporate some additional leg strength exercises within your weekly plan and things will improve.  


Hope this helps,



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