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Why do my jeans feel tight now?

Hi Kelly (fitness expert), I'm hoping you can help. I have lost 2 and a half stone since joining your online group and as I thought i'd hit a plateau because everything was staying the same every Monday weigh in, I decided to take up jogging/running every other morning. I've been doing this for about 2 and a half week now and YES I can see my wobbly legs are starting to tone up.....GREAT I THOUGHT!!! So, I was going to meet a friend yesterday and went to put on my size 12 jeans which where my goal all the way through my diet AND although they still fit, they felt TIGHTER......especially on the legs and slightly round the waist (don't know if the waist felt tighter because of the legs)....I was soooooooooooooooooo majorly upset, I felt like crying as I was soooo proud that these jeans actually felt bigger on me before yesterday!!! Is this feeling due to my fat turning to muscle? Or is it something else? I'm exercising every single day and trying sooooo hard. If it is the running, then I don't want to carry on with feeling this way. I wanted to cut my jeans up last night as I was so upset.....I thought I was improving my health and shaping up, but now I feel like I did before I even started on this diet!!! My jeans have TOTALLY THROWN ME AND TODAY I FEEL DOWN!!! If it is the running, like I said, could you please recommend something else instead of the running AND offer me a few words of encouragement. I've still carried on the same since yesterday, exercising and eating properly BUT these are the times back in the old days that I would reach for chocolate.....THANK GOD I'M STRONGER IN THAT WAY!!!!! BUT I want my jeans to fit again!!!!! PLEASE HELP!! Thanks


Our expert says...


Don’t worry and stay strong with your nutritional balance and exercise habits. The running/jogging is excellent and is not going to make your legs bigger so try not to associate the current tightness of your jeans to running. Consider the following:

-          With jogging every other day you may find that post-running or on some days that your muscles are swollen (due to blood circulation and minute swelling – normal part of recovery process post-exercise) – this can leave clothes feeling tighter, but this is only temporary


-          Ensure your nutritional balance isn’t slipping and hasn’t increasing due to your increased exercise – as sometimes individuals can start to increase calories due to increased appetite



-          Make sure you are adequately stretching your legs post-running to prevent increasing muscle tension and slower recovery which again can lead to slightly swollen muscles


-          Ensure adequate hydration as dehydration can cause tissue fluid retention and slower recovery from exercise


If you continue to do what you are doing you will continue to see positive changes and running will actually reduce the shape and size of all areas of the lower body, so rest assured and resist ruining your jeans with the scissors.


Hope this helps,



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