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Why do I seem to vomit or feel nauseous after eating egg?

Egg! I am just sat here thinking I am going to be sick and I remembered I ate a hard boiled egg this morning. The last 5 visits to my In laws I have been sick each time. We ate poached egg every morning. And when I was pregnant with my 1st born I was violently sick when eating eggs! Am I intolerant to them? How do I find out if I am? I have eaten them all my life!


Our expert says...


It certainly sounds like your body is reacting badly to eggs.  Eggs are quite a common food intolerance, so don’t be too alarmed.  If you wanted to contact someone about testing for an intolerance to eggs, I recommend that you contact Allergy UK on www.allergyuk.org or 01322 619898 for further advice. 


I would say, however, that you already know that they make you ill, so I would avoid eating them for now.

Eggs are an ingredient in many foods and I wonder if you have had an unexplained reaction to other foods without realising why? Commercially prepared foods can contain components of eggs, so it is worth checking ingredients lists carefully.  Ingredients to look out for that don’t obviously contain the word ‘egg’ are: albumen; globulin; lecithinE322; livetin; ovallbumin; ovomucin; ovoglobulin; ovovitelin and vitelin.

You may be reacting to just one part of the egg, so if you try eating them again I would recommend that you start by just eating a cooked yolk first.  I hope this information is useful.


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