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Why do I have sore knees?

Hi there,

I'm 23 and do regular exercise, I've never suffered from any injuries at all, but recently have found that my knees have started becoming sore when I'm exercising. I don't know how this could be but it is sometimes really painful and I've found myself not working as hard because of it. Do you have any suggestions on what it could be?




Our expert says...

Hi Jen,

Unfortunately I cannot give you a definite answer regarding your knee as the exact reasons behind your knee pain will need to be assessed in a 1-2-1 situation where your flexibility, muscle balance, muscle strength and postural alignment can be taken into account. This information would then need to be followed by special tests to rule out various possible pathologies, before getting to the likely cause of the pain.

Knee pain can be the result of faulty movement patterns relating to muscular balance and can signal the need for better pre and post-exercise recovery and flexibility training.

Pain can also be caused by wear and tear of structures deep within the knee joint, i.e. cartilage, the meniscus, or cruciate or collateral ligaments.

Direct trauma in terms of a incident can also cause damage and pain as a result, though as you haven?t identified a certain incident when it started then it is unlikely to be this one.

I think, given your age, it is most likely to be soft tissue (i.e. muscular imbalance related) however you need to see a physiotherapist so this can be assessed effectively and the correct solution provided to you.

Hope this gives you the direction you need to get it sorted and continue with your exercise efforts.


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