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Why am I suffering the next day after training?

Hi, I have been going to the gym now for about 10 weeks, about 4-5 times a week. I usually get straight on to the machines and do either 20-30 minutes on cross trainer or 20 min jog on treadmill, then do a few stretches and then go in to the sauna for 20 minutes. Every day I make sure I drink 2l of water and when at the gym, after the exercise, I drink a further 500ml and after the sauna, another 500ml. I feel great and energised on leaving the gym, and eat sensibly when I get home, about 20-40 minutes afterwards. The problem comes the next day when I feel like crap! I ache all over and sometimes have a headache. Can you offer any advice or comments as to why this may be? I don?t feel over exerted when I am doing exercise. Thanks, Gen


Our expert says...

Hi Gen,

I would suggest you firstly remove the sauna for 20minutes post training 4-5 times a week to evaluate this as a possible cause as it sounds likely. Though using a sauna has a significantly beneficial effect on mental relaxation, it can, enhance the muscle trauma and tissue inflammation post-training (due to the heat) and this can be detrimental on the muscles recovery process. Also the regularity and volume of sauna use within the week may be leaving you dehydrated despite your excellent hydration habits around it. Perhaps just try dropping it to two sauna sessions a week and maintain your excellent hydration habits and post-training eating schedule.

Sometimes people can get exercise-induced headaches but this is normally during the exercise sessions or immediately after and due to blood pressure and expansion of blood vessels in the head. As yours starts the next day it sounds like it is related to your ‘recovery’ practices where the balance isn’t quite right at the moment for optimising your recovery for the next day.

Also consider any alcohol intake in the evenings as this combined with the training and sauna you have described would also be very likely to give the same symptoms.

Hope this helps,


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