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Why am I not losing weight?

I was over my limits last week and didn't lose anything, but this week I was really good and kept to my 1,400 limit (on most days only eating about 1,120 on average) and burning between 450 - 800 calories a day but I only appear to have lost 1lb. I'm not even losing the 2lb loss I'm supposed to lose just by keeping to my limits and exercising 200 cals a day - what am I doing wrong?


Our expert says...

Hi there,


I wouldn’t get too disheartened and frustrated by one week’s results, as a woman’s body weight can fluctuate during her monthly cycle due to hormones and water retention.  This could be the reason why you appear to have only lost one pound this week, despite all your efforts.  But if you stick to your targets and persevere, you may be pleasantly surprised in the weeks to come with your weight loss results!


To boost this weight loss further, keep up the exercise levels and eat plenty of filling and nutritious fruit and veg- try  replacing some of the sweet sugary foods that cause high blood sugar levels which can ultimately become stored as fat.  Keep these more as an occasional treat.


If you keep motivated and positive, and stick to your targets, you will get there!  Good luck.

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