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Why am I not loosing weight?

I joined NC nearly four weeks ago and I have not really lost. I lose less than half a pound each week and now its gone back on again. I am entering everything into my diary and have really upped my exercise. I do take beta blockers as I suffer really bad from anxiety I am wondering whether this is causing it. Please can you give me any advice. As far as im concerned I am doing everything right. Thanks


Our expert says...

Some beta blockers - particularly the older generation -may cause weight gain, though the newer drugs apparently do not so much. You should talk to your GP, but I do  think it is possible that  the medication you are taking might be making it harder for you to lose weight. If you were only losing half a pound a week and had kept it off,  this would be progress enough, especially as I see from your  profile that you are only losing weight within the healthy range. It’s the fact that you say it has gone back on again that troubles me. Could this be time of the month related? Either way, disheartening as it is, 4 weeks is probably to soon  to make any particular judgements. What  I suggest is that you watch how you go over the next few weeks, and then perhaps report back to us? Hopefully by then the weight will be moving. Take heart from the fact that you are having a healthier diet and lifestyle for now: it  should be motivation to continue!

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