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Why am I having headaches and digestiive problems?

Hello, Recently I have been having headaches where my eyes kind of feel like they are staring at one point and I am frowning. Also my bowels aren't moving, which is a problem I had before but this has become worse. I am very bloated and only seem to be passing mucus. I have been having a lot of cereal and porridge lately and am going through a lot of skimmed milk. Could there be any link, or is there something I can do to sort this out? Thank you


Our expert says...

Passing mucus isn't right and usually means your digestive tract is trying to protect itself against some kind of damage or inflammation. Headaches can sometimes occur as a result of being constipated too, so I wouldn’t be surprised if everything was connected.

The fact that you are having a lot of skimmed milk might be a factor: if you are intolerant to the lactose in milk, these are the sorts of symptoms you can experience. The same could be said for other food intolerances however, but equally there could be some other reason completely.  Simply increasing your intake of fibre through whole grains, fruit and vegetables might help but I think you should really see your GP for advice and diagnosis.

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