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Which foods contain soluble instead of insoluble fibre?

I have just been diagnosed with Diverticulitisand experience quite bad bloating and pain from excessive wind most of the time, particularly at night. My Doctor suggests that I keep to soluble fibres as I have found some fibrous foods like beans, cabbage, brussel sprouts, fruit skins and onions make it worse. Have you got a list, or can you recommend where I can find out which food is soluble fibre. Or any other suggestion to make me feel more comfortable. I particularly want to lose weight, but when I have a bad attack of tummy problems I feel so low, I just want to eat anything to cheer me up, which doesn't help the weight loss.


Our expert says...

Soluble fibre is found in most fruits and vegetables - apples, citrus fruits, legumes, pears and strawberries being particularly good sources. The key thing with Diverticulitis is to try and increase your fibre intake gradually. Adding large amounts of soluble fibre too quickly can cause bloating and pain, which may be why you're suffering with these problems. Perhaps try things like apples and pears without the skins to start with, and see how you get on.

Other good sources of soluble fibre are barley and oats - these may be better for you than wholegrain wheat types of cereals which are mainly insoluble fibre.

NHS Choices have a really good section all about Diverticular Disease and diverticulitis which explains the situation really well. It also has some great suggestions about diet and treatment for the condition too:


Have a look through this information and I am sure it will give you some great ideas. If after you've read the information there is anything that I can help with, please don't hesitate to get back in touch.

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