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Which activity levels should I choose?

Hi, I'm not sure which activity levels I should choose based on my work and lifestyle...... work wise- I work in a school fair bit of moving around, chasing kids, occasional restraint, desk work, meetings. Leisure wise I do nothing in the evenings, weekends-walking, dog, kids etc currently at moderate work and inactive leisure. Thanks in advance


Our expert says...


Given the current categories we use for work activity level:

LIGHT - Professional and technical worker, administrative and managerial, Sales reps., clerical and related worker, housewife

MODERATE - Sales worker, service worker, domestic helper, student, transport worker, some construction work, e.g. joiner, roofer

MODERATE/HEAVY - Equipment operator, labourer, agricultural worker, some construction work, e.g. bricklayer, mason

I would recommend you actually set your work activity level as 'light' as generally teaching/working in a school and doing what you have described would be classed as a more sedentary occupation and wouldn't really achieve the physical demands we associate with the medium/moderate level of work demand. This is worth changing as it may negatively skew your calorie demand figures.

For your leisure activity level demands (see below) according to our general categorisation methods I think you are right to currently list as inactive if you are only achieving walking at the weekends.


INACTIVE - Driving, cooking, washing up, dusting, cleaning, vacuuming, cooking, playing snooker, bowls

MODERATELY ACTIVE - Making beds, painting and decorating, mopping floor, gardening, cleaning windows, playing table tennis, sailing, playing rounders, golf

VERY ACTIVE - Polishing furniture, heavy gardening, chopping wood, volley ball, dancing, cycling, football, tennis, jogging, energetic swimming, skiing

Make these adjustments and you should be accurately set up for individualised calorie calculation.

Hope this helps, Kelly

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