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What should I eat after acute pancreatitis?

I had an acute attack of pancreatitis 3 weeks ago on holiday and was admitted to hospital for five days. I got home yesterday and am going to the GP today. I need some guidance please on what to eat? Thank you


Our expert says...

Sorry to hear you've been unwell with pancreatitis. I hope that you're recovering well and will be back on track soon.

I am hoping that your GP will have given you some further dietary advice when you saw them today but the main points that you should try and adhere to recovering from a bout of pancreatitis, is to avoid all forms of alcohol, and to follow a very low fat diet.

The pancreas is responsible for producing a lot of the enzymes that help us to break down foods, particularly fats, so its important to cut back on these in the diet to help your digestion. You may have been given pancreatic enzymes to take with your food to help with digestion - if you have it's important that you take these with your food to make sure that you're getting the right nutrients absorbed into your body.

Foods that you should have less of:-

- fatty cuts of meat

- processed meats such as sausages, bacon, pre-prepared meats such as corned beef etc

- nuts and seeds (can be up to 50% fat)

- whole milk and full fat dairy foods

- pastry covered goods such as pies

- deep fried or breaded foods

Try and increase the amount of fruit and veg, wholegrain carbohydrates and lean protein in your diet to make sure you're getting a wide range of all the different nutrients you need.

I hope this helps, and that your GP has been able to offer some more personalised advice.

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