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What should I do given my beta blockers and ligaments?

Hi, I was put on beta blockers (atenolol) almost a year ago for a racing heartbeat. They have slowed me down a lot. I have loose ligaments in my feet and only manage short walks. What kind of exercise or fitness plan do you think I should do? NC has helped me to avoid the weight gain these tablets can cause. Thanks in advance


Our expert says...


The kind of exercise you could do includes:

- Aerobic exercise

- Strength / core training

- Stability / rehab training for your feet / ankles

Whatever exercise you do needs to be slow and progressive to allow your body to adapt and to give consideration to your beta blockers. The best kinds of aerobic exercise given your ligaments may include swimming or cycling (outside or a stationary bike). These would put minimal to no stress through your feet so should be a good initial option.

You would also benefit from strength / core training to strengthen your muscles that support posture and metabolic rate (which aids weight loss and long-term weight management). Specific exercises for different parts of your body (which can be done in the comfort of your own home) can be found on the resources page of the website, under the heading ‘Kelly’s Home Exercise Articles’. Trying some of these to see which feel manageable would be a benefit.

It is important that if we have a soft tissue weakness (i.e. ligament damage, loose ligaments etc) that we address it and a lot can be done to support and better the body even if we have something that can not be specifically resolved. If you could see a sports therapist, they are likely to be able to show you some ways to rehab your feet / ankles or (depending on what is wrong at your foot level) show you ways to strengthen the rest of the body to cope better with the ligament issue. This then would better support your other forms of exercise and accelerate you towards your weight loss goals as well as opening up other exercise options that you currently may be unable to do.

Hope this helps,


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