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What is the best calorie burning exercise?

Hi, I was just wondering what the best calorie burning exercise is? As in what burns the most in the shortest time? Thanks, Frosty


Our expert says...

Hi Frosty,

Unfortunately if there was one ‘best’ exercise for everyone then it would be the only one we would recommend and the only thing people would do, but this just isn’t the case. The ‘best’ exercise for you is the one that you consistently do, that burns calories and benefits your health and well being. In general, those exercises that requires larger muscle groups to work together burn more calories in a given time as does impact exercise (i.e. jogging versus walking). HOWEVER…….any exercise can burn more calories than another depending on the effort / intensity that someone gives together with how long they do it for!

The key to maximising calorie burning regardless of the exercise choice specifically is:

- work hard to create intensity in a given exercise session

- exercise as many times a week as you can and keep variety as this protects against overuse injuries

- If doing weight training / resistance training  - try to minimise any rest periods and load exercises back to back in a circuit-style format. This keeps the heart rate high = more calories burned

- Get some impact into your weekly exercise plan – jogging or exercise classes with some step / aerobic / zumba-style component

Hope this helps,


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