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What food groups should I eat?

I am only 5'2" tall so any weight gain shows up even more. When I was young I was very slim and if I gained weight it would come off fairly easily but now hitting 61 the weight is creeping on especially round the waist and I can't seem to shift it.    I know the change of hormones makes a difference in fat distribution on the body but it seems that I can't do anything about it, is this weight gain inevitable at my age it is so depressing. What sort of food groups should I be concentrating on in order to keep healthy without middle age spread.?


Our expert says...

I do sympathise! You’re right that hormones are a factor in the redistribution of  body fat. Although there is only so much you can do to stop this change, regular resistance exercises such as sit ups that target the stomach area can help you look more toned (do be careful with your technique here though, as you need to protect your back  - check out the advice on this site from our fitness expert Kelly Marshall). There is also some indication that people who have  plenty of unrefined whole grains (wholemeal bread, whole-wheat pasta, etc.) and low fat dairy products are able to keep their abdominal area in trim more easily. Also having a low GI diet that doesn’t cause big ups and downs in blood sugar and insulin release may also help - which again means having wholegrains, pulses, oats and other slow releasing carbs instead of the sugar, refined or “white” type. I hope this at least helps a little!

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